Custom Stamps

Our collection of address, wedding and library stamps will add a touch of class to your wedding or shower invitations, RSVPs, books and much more. These also  make a fantastic gift for a housewarming, shower, or the holidays.

Choose between our convenient self-inking options or a traditional wooden stamp for your perfect personalized touch!

❤︎ Production and Delivery Times:

  • Production takes 1-3 business days
  • Add 1-2 more days for proofing if selected
  • Once it has shipped, the arrival time is based on your location + the shipping option you select at checkout
  • Production time + Shipping Time = Arrival time to your door

❤︎ Self-Inking Stamps:

  • Stamp Area Size: varies based on design, generally around 1.5-2" wide
  • Casing is made of up to 65% post consumer recycled plastic
  • Plate is laser-etched at 1000 DPI in 100% renewable resource red rubber
  • Water-based ink for crisp, clean stamping
  • Works well on porous surfaces such as paper, cotton fabric, and most non-glossy/non-coated surfaces and papers
  • Choice of 5 standard colors or 10 premium colors
  • Good for 10,000 impressions before re-inking is needed (refills available)

❤︎ Wooden Stamps:

  • Stamp Area Size: varies based on design, generally around 1.5-2" wide
  • Made of solid wood, with sustainable North American hardwoods
  • Impression area is laser-etched at 1000 DPI in 100% renewable resource red rubber
  • Requires a separate ink pad (view our options here)
  • Choose to include an optional handle
  • Image is also engraved on the top of the wood block for easy viewing of your design

❤︎ Personalization & Tips:

Stamping on a flat, hard surface is recommended for best results - empty envelopes work best.

Stamps are approximately 1.5-2" inches in width or diameter, but due to the different sizes in fonts, your address, and other factors such as stamp style, the actual impression area may vary just slightly from these dimensions. Please contact us if you have questions about stamp sizing.

We may need to abbreviate or lengthen your text to better fit the space or design of your stamp - such as California to CA or Dr. to Drive. You may request that something is written in a specific way, otherwise we will use our discretion to create a pleasing design for your stamp.

❤︎ A Handmade Process:

Stamps transfer ink to paper with a handmade process, and as such, they may not have a 100% crisp and clear impression every single time. Some of this is just the nature of stamping, some of it is user error (we're always happy to provide stamping tips!), some of it is the nature of what you're stamping on, or a combination of these factors.

Your stamp impression may differ from the digital representation shown here in our shop, which is a graphic, not an actual stamp impression. A rustic appearance is normal with a stamped impression.